Our Philosophy

Nuestra Filosofía

In MERE CUINES, believe in the quality and bet firmly  by cookeries that last but of a generation.

It is important that a cookery offer garantias and refills, therefore only we work with the main wooden manufacturers and herrajes that offer security and maximum quality for our pieces of furniture. We speak of factories of ambito international and with a lot of experience in the bouquet of the piece of furniture.

Thanks to clear evolucion and transformacion that MERE CUINES, S.L. It has gone suffering during his professional path, at present has a good reputation and recognition inside the sector of the piece of furniture of cookery.

A big squad of professionals in continuous formation and evolution, allows to be always to the actuality and with the ultimas novelties of the sector to be able to do arrive to our clients the more new and current models.

The cookery like main element of a home, requires an exhaustive aprovechamiento of the space, therefore in MERE CUINES, S.L. We adapt all the pieces of furniture to the necsidades of the client, taking advantage of eficientemente all the available space. Asi Manufacture all the pieces of furniture minuciosamiente to measure to the available space of each design.

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