History of MERE CUINES

Historia de MERA CUINES

In the year 1992, Don Isidro Mere and Gabriel Mere, father and son, and with a dilated experience like installers of furniture of cookery, decide to joint his esperiencia professional and initiate a new stage like manufacturers of furniture of cookery and bath forming MERE CUINES S.L..

The first workshop was situated in the C. Can Solanes Number 53 of Sant Just Desvern, 08960, from where begins to design and manufacture the first pieces of furniture of of cookery. Little by little the union was giving his fruits and in base to the demand of work decides give another step more, and the 29/02/2000 costituye a society limited with the name of FURNITURE OF MERE COOKERY, S.L. This comports to the renovacion of machinery and contratacion again personal.

In Julio of the year 2002 Don Isidro Mere jubila, remaining the Mr. Gabiel Mere like unico responsible of the company.

To base of daily work, constant endeavour and with a big seriousness, MERE CUINES, S.L. It has gone growing, giving short but firm steps. Tambien Thanks to the fidelity of all his clients: Distributors of tents, decoradores, Architects, Industrial...

Thanks to this, one of the ultimas bets has been, in January of the 2016 and with the idea to step but in the growth of the company, change his installations to another ubicacion C. Avda. Mare Of Deu of Monserrat Nave nº49-To of Sant Joan Despi, 08970, to an industrial nave bigger, with but capacity of fabricacion of furniture and so that with the same filosofia give a better service and a better quality of finishing of the product, in which it has of zone of fabricacion, offices and exposicio of cookery.

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