Bell extractora in the modern cookery

Campana extractora en la cocina moderna

Independently of if it looks for a bell of wall, a bell of island or a system of ventilation of downward current, the distinct systems of bell extractora that offer the main manufacturers provide a good quality of the air.

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Renewal of the air

Obviously they exist categories of energetic efficiency. At present the differences regarding the efficiency of the distinct models and finishings are minimum. The bell extractora extracts the air absorbed through a pipe (air of start) or the air clean by means of a series of filters and later returns to the cookery. The two procedures are effective with the available systems nowadays.

Bell extractora powerful

The power that has to have the system depends, among other things, of the dimensions of the cookery, that is to say, of the quantity of air that has to move by hour. Also they exist differences regarding the type of technology of leak. In each bell extractora the filter is responsible to absorb the smells and the pertinent fat of the steams of the cookery. Since the pieces have to clean and change periodically, is necessary that his handle result simple. If the filters can not clean, for example, in the dishwasher, it is necessary to take into account the cost of the spare filters, since in the long run these costs accrue in the global computation. What other appearances are important? Of course, a handle simple, a good finishing, an attractive design and, in the cases in which the bell extractora mounts on the plate of cookery, an effective and suitable illumination. By the other, everything depends of the taste of each one. Nowadays, the offer is so varied that always it can find the system that better adapt to the cookery of his sleeps.

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