Zones of seats in the cookery

Zonas de asientos en la cocina

It does already time that the cookery advanced to be the individual field of vivencias and experiences. It is allowed all what likes. The last facet of this development: zones of rest in the cookery – some times with cushions, others of classical form with zones of seats, or elegant with banks to seat . A professional planning allows to create individual fields even in small spaces.

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REST Assent & Corner

All the very attained examples in these pages, show that these modern zones of rest do not have at all that see with this antiquated image of the bank rinconero classical of the years 50. Nowadays, the place to eat is instrumented with comfortable armchairs and chairs that invite to a pleasant stay in the table. A good aprovechamiento of the space allows to create zones of rest to enjoy while one cookery (see big image from above). A lot of light and cosy colours create a calm environment, associating more to a cultured atmosphere that to the environment rusted of what was the cookery in the past.

Council of the specialists in cookery:

For this type of cookeries is obliged to install a bell of silent and powerful design.

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