Soft tones in the cookery

Tonos suaves en la cocina

If it can observe a tendency in colours for the year of the cookery 2012, then is the one of the soft tones. The discretion is fashionable, spend the alike tones and the mix among surfaces in tall shine with matt crystals and natural wooden tones. And of course it spends always the target.

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Of form purist and with soft tones

Of form purist in his effect, but of tall precision in his manufacture: the tall shine sees in soft tones throughout. Also it has gone back to put fashionable the wood glazed. The vetoed natural of the wood surte effect by the fund of colour cake that provides him the varnish. A combination always very seen: the cold stainless steel and matt crystal in warm and soft colours. With all the discretion is important to integrate the appliances like the plate or the sink of form enrasada in the cookery. It can not have at all that it distort the global impression and harmónica, any striking element has to annul this discretion.

Tones of colour cake without acute effects

Sets in tones of colour cake, the target in combination with elements in soft tones or with a touch rústico – the current cookeries go marked by the soft tones. The tall shine and the lacquer are fashionable, but it is necessary to take into account that the colours go in the same tones and without acute effects, the doors do not are used to to spend fencer.

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