Dishwasher, ecological and confortable

Lavavajillas, ecológico y confortable

Practical and beautiful: the new dishwasher never had taken care so much the resources as nowadays. All the big manufacturers have tightened the bolts regarding cost of energy and of water achieving more saving thanks to the technological use of tall level.

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Ergonomic, functional and ópticamente very thought

The dishwasher are even more accurate for employing a wide system of sensors. A lot of models of dishwasher reduce the cost of detergent regulated by the assistants of dosage that install today day by the majority of the manufacturers of form standardised. Aside there is a pile of practical details that reduce the work in the day in day out. The load has simplified by the variable technician of baskets, because they leave use of flexible form.

The devices attain a tall performance of cleansing thanks to constructive tricks and technicians. Generally it augments the pressure of the wash in the inferior basket for p.And. Clean also frying pans very soiled. What is important especially for cookeries in open environments: the current generation of devices is so silent as never.

The variety of programs

Apart from the internal values it is necessary elogiar also the variety of programs of the new devices. The system of sensors and the technology of sophisticated control allow a main quantity of programs that fulfil to perfection the special needs.

Some examples: Siemens offers the extra “function shine”. The tableware and the glassware obtain even more shine in a process of dried optimised - pressing a button. Very practical is the turboSpeed. This program allows to make the complete cleansing in 20 minutes because precalienta the dishwasher.

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